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The New Way To Look Younger


FDA Approved

Take comfort knowing that this procedure is approved by the FDA!


Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA to lift the skin on the neck, eyebrow, and under the chin. It has also been approved to help eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on the chest!

Focused Ultrasound. No surgery.

Ultherapy uses the 50 year old technique of ultrasound to help improve the appearance of the neck, chest, brow, and chin. Ultrasound has been proven to be clinically effective. The ultrasound allows us to see the layers of tissue they are treating. This means the treatment will be delivered to where it is mosy benficial!

How Does It Work?

1. Builds new collagen by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin's foundational layer

2. No needles or toxins! Ultherapy bypasses your skin's surface to deliver the right amount of ultrasound energy to the right depths at the right temperatures!

3. There's no downtime and the results are completely natural! Results appear over the next 2-3 months as the new collagen works to tighten and lift the neck!

But What To Expect?


Ultherapy does not duplicate the results of a face lift but it is a non-invasive alternative for those uncomfortable with surgery or for those who want to extend the effects of surgery!

It's only a single treatment!


Schedule a one-on-one consultation with us today! During the session we will address your concerns, assess your skin, and determine if you are a candidate for the treatment.

No prep or special skin care regimens!


1. Skin is cleansed and target areas are identified

2. The ultherapy gel is placed and the smooth treatment applicator is placed on skin

3. You will fell tiny amounts of energy being deposited into skin signifying the collagen building process is beginning

4. A face and neck procedure typically takes about 60-90 minutes, chest takes about 30 minutes 


There is no downtime!

No post treatment restrictions

Skin may appear flushed at first

Before & After

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