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About Us

Meet Dr. Jamehdor


Dr. Jamehdor's mission is to provide personalized, minimally invasive techniques to maintain and deliver a youthful look for each of his clients.


Why pay Beverly Hills prices to Beverly Hills surgeons when they just punt you off to a nurse practitioner or an assistant?

Dr. Jamehdor performs all of the procedures himself and uses only top of the line material.


With years of experience as a board certified surgeon and physician, Dr. Jamehdor brings the right expertise needed for your needs.

There is an art to botox and facial fillers that only comes with experience.  Dr. Jamehdor has been specializing in the field of minimally invasive injectables for over 5 years with countless clients served.


Don't get scammed by Groupon Deals and 'Bait and switch' and setup a free consultation at our beautiful office in Encino to see why choosing Dr. Jamehdor for your cosmetic needs is the correct choice. 



To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.424.262.4702

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