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Ketamine Infusion

Brought to us by Statcare Medical Group Dr. Ali Jamehdor

Ketamine Infusion is HERE!

Dr. Jamehdor has been conducting extensive research and hands on training in order to bring this amazing therapy to our new office. For years, this medicine has been used for anesthesia purposes. It has been used safely and with very minimal side effects. Now, with more and more research to support it, Ketamine Infusion has been shown to provide amazing results for such conditions as PTSD and refractory Depression. A comprehensive initial consultation along with review of medical history will be required prior to treatment. Sessions usually last from 30 to 45 minutes and number of sessions will vary from client to client. 

We are extremely excited to provide this service and will make an announcement as soon as appointments are being taken.

Visit us at:

Instagram: @ketamine_infusionspa

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